K.Y.D. is
Caroline Dath + Damien Safie + Esther Poch
+ guests

For each project the studio develops its graphic design around an idea, a concept closely related to the subject involved. Graphic design should not exist without ideas. When sense makes graphic-design then design-graphic makes sense.

photo © Laetitia Bica
photo © Laetitia Bica
photo © Laetitia Bica
photo © Laetitia Bica


Kidnap Your Designer is the name of a Brussels graphic design agency.

This studio was founded in 2006 by Caroline Dath, a graduate of Saint-Luc Liège and ERG. Damien Safie, a classmate from ERG, joined her in 2008 as partner. Esther Poch teamed up permanently in 2018. It produces creative works using typography and printing techniques for clients from the music, art, design or architecture fields. Cultural institutions and associations also missions the studio on their visual communication tools. Kidnap Your Designer also produces experimental and self-produced projects, ehibitions & workshops (‘It's Better Here’, ‘Note’, postcards, poster,…).

Caroline and Damien both teach at ERG (École de Recherche Graphique) Brussels, in the Media section.

So do as you're told and kidnap your designer if you want great work!

And don't worry mom & dad!
We won't be really kidnaped...
Well we hope! K.Y.D. is an allusion to
Kill your Idols as well as many other stuff...
So don't panik and carry on scrolling!

Caroline Dath

Damien Safie

Internship inquires
Next available period: January > April 2022

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Kidnap's Trainees (2006-2018)
Martin Landmeters (BE), Amélie Adant (BE), Flore Figuière (FR), Patrice Pellier (FR), Maxime Dossin (BE), Marion Lavedeau (FR), Rogerio Veloso (PT), Caroline Burnet (FR), Elodie Poulin (FR), Frea Mathijssen (BE), Jérémy Deleuze (BE), Carla Nyffeler (CH), Caroline Wolewinski (FR), Charlotte Sondagh (BE), Laurence Dupas (BE), Vincent Moisan (FR), Romain Marula (FR), Jan Sidgwick (BE), Céline Callens (BE), Charles Connoué (CA), Lucie Ratti (FR), Cyril Makhoul (FR), Jeanne Mégly (FR), Jolien Van Puyvelde (BE), Allison Legavre (FR), David Colin (FR), Coraline Mas-Prévost (FR), Marielle Voisin (FR), Antoine Martinon (FR), Alexandra Bellon (FR), Joana Pécastaings (FR), Martin Cousseau (FR), Jennifer Lemoy (FR), Pauline Cuny (FR), Esther Poch (FR/CAT), Lourenco Providencia (PT), Julie Colas (FR), Louise Sansoldi (FR), Vincent Loup (CH), Louise Gondeau (FR), Yo Phochanapan (TH), Enzo Le Garrec (FR), …

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Photos © Laetitia Bica