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Eucis LLL

[commission - 2012]

[booklet - Black & 2PMS offset printing - Cyclus Print paper - 1,000 copies]


Eucis LLL stands for European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning. It gathers together 33 European networks working in education and training. For this annual report we had the chance to use the incisive illustrations of Dan Perjovschi. Putting forward his work helps to summarise some situations described in the article. Inspired by the hand-drawn material, we used a large marker pen to enlarge important sentences, attracting the reader's attention. A tab system containg a range of diverse pictograms helps to vertically organise the various contents: analysis, interviews, resources, …enabling inserts, overlappings and links.


SALTO-Youth — Magazi

Cifas (suite…)

Culture 1080 Cultuur

SALTO-Youth — Manife

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