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Maison du Design / Progress — Print

[commission - 2015]

[2 PMS & Black Offset PrintingHeat embossingGmund Cotton Linen Cream2500 ex.]


A double visual identity: one is for 'Progress', an association dealing with social economical projects, and another, born from it, is for 'Maison du Design' promoting the local design industry.

For the stationery we used heat embossing for the text and strong plain Pantone colour chosen for each visual identity. For 'Maison du Design' the turquoise colour is related to the painting used inside the new building for the pathways. For Progress the 'aubergine' colour is related to their longtime identity.

Heat embossing transforms the two dimensional print into the third dimension, evoking the way design translates drawings into everyday objects. Also the contrast between the 
fibre structure of the Gmund Cotton paper and the heat embossing technique somehow reflects the relationship a designer managesbetween the roughness of a raw material and a glossy finished aspect of a produced object. 


La Panacée — Identit

La Panacée — Signage

Maison du Design / P

Maison du Design — S

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