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La Panacée — Dernières nouvelles de l'Éther

[commission - 2014]

[A5 Invitation – Cocoon 350g – Black + 1 PMS – Offset print – 5 ,000 copies / A4 Exhibition Guide – Cocoon + tracing paper R/V – Black + 1 PMS – Offset print – 3,000 copies / A4>A2 Folded Flyers – Cocoon – Black + 1 PMS – Offset print – 10,000 & 10,000 copies / A5 Catalogue – Cocoon + tracing paper R/V – Black + 1 PMS – Offset print – 5,000 copies]


La Panacée, the centre for contemporary culture of the City of Montpellier, opened its doors to the public in June 2013. Located in the city centre, this venue for contemporary culture emphasises a cross-disciplinary approach and features exhibitions and events in three main areas: the visual arts, new forms of writing, and digital technology.

We've teamed up with ABRèGe who are architects, set-designers, geeks & trendsetters and are based in Montpellier to win this well-managed contest for the graphic design identity and signage of this art centre.
Starting from the statement that what you do in virtual life has an impact in real life, we came up with a visual concept of mingling and blurring the boundaries between 2D and 3D. The three dimensional signage system pushed us to bring out typography and gave it volume and specificity. This physical aspect made us create a software enabling us to shift parts of letters and create a unique two dimensional typeface containing thousands of combinations.

3rd exhibition:
"Dernières nouvelles de l'Éther"
07/02/14 > 22/06/14

For this exhibition documents, we were inspired by the work from Berdaguer & Péjus: "La Forêt Épileptique" displayed in the exhibition. Black on pink and pink on black versions of the same poster give a "persistence of vision" effect. As ether and cosmic black matter are the main subject of this obscure scientific art exhibition the design plays with perception and legibility limits letting the title emerge slightly from the background.

1st Season :
"You've got a message"
"Vous avez un message"

Signature : ABRèGe + Kidnap Your Designer


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