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SALTO-Youth Pedagogic booklets

[publication - 2012]

[booklets - PMS & black - Cyclus paper - 500 copies each - reprinted at 1,000 copies - polish version available]


These booklets are the first of a series for the Belgian branch of SALTO-Youth associations. This EU-related organisation aims its activities around Support, Advance Learning, Training and Opportunities for European youth. The graphic design guidelines set out for several types of documentation are aimed mostly towards the young people who build these European projects. With that in mind we chose to be clear of course, but also strong and involving.

For instance this booklet helps anyone involved in a partnership to find the right contacts or sort out their project step-by-step.

After analyzing the content to be used in the layout, the most obvious idea was to clearly arrange continuous text on one side and put the add-ons, such as interviews, project examples or schemes on the other side so that the young reader has some clear landmarks to help him navigate through the document. The spreadsheets and schemes had to be rebuilt with the formal vocabulary newly adopted for SALTO as well as using only two colors for cost and impact efficiency. The cover and chapter openings present a fragmented video suggesting the different steps in building a project through a partnership.

We warmly invite you to check out this organization as it might inspire you to build your own borderless project!

Designed for : SALTO-Youth Participation


SALTO-Youth Magazi

Eucis LLL

SALTO-Youth Manife

SALTO-Youth Young

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