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Singularité Décapante

[commission - 2009]

[catalogue - offset printing - poster]


Singularité Décapante - Panorama du théâtre jeune-public de la Communauté Wallonie-Bruxelles

This catalogue intends to promote the exportation of the Belgian children's theatre.

All the shows selected have a fantastic world of their own, always including at least one defining element. We've extracted one from each to make a reduced paper stage set. Shadows and lights draw the cut-out silhouettes before the wave of colours mingles them all.

The type and style used inside is inspired by traditional children's story books where fine type and frames organise the page.

The cover sleeve unfolds to become a colourful poster contrasting with the black and PMS catalogue.

Designed for : Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre
Graphic designer : Kidnap Your Designer


Théâtre made in Wall

Entre vues 2010 20

Border Stage

SALTO-Youth — Pedago

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