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Boutik Rock 2010

[commission - 2010]

[poster - flyer - brochure - invitation - website - cd - Squealer and Nimbus typeface - FocusArt Cream paper - full quadri offset printing]


For its 10th edition, this annual event became a real traditional meeting for belgian music professionals. The all time favourites were asked to come and play again between the young bands this festival is made for. This year, the main character up the wall was having its 10th birthday as well. The glossy imagebank pictures got all scribled like we used to do in magazines at that age but with the help of Amélie Adant and her illustrations.


Designed for : Programme Rock
Illustrateur : Amelie Adant
Web developer : Bien vous


Boutik Rock 2009


Bacon Caravan Creek

Boutik Rock 2011

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