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[commission - 2009]

[super jewel pack - offset printing and serigraphy]


We designed this logo and assembled the elements of this cover for Sharko, a Belgian rock band.

The imposing logotype originally made for the website is here voluntarily covering the main part of the photo.
The Texan Cheer leaders on a parking lot are having the fun you suppose to get when you listen to the album even if you're in the middle of nowhere.
So Dance On The Beast!

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We also designed this website for Sharko. www.sharko.be
This band led by David Bartholomé has the particularity, on the side of the music production, to run for a few years a well reed dairy.
The amount of text to integrate made us build this site in a way that the visitor could appreciate its quantity as well as tickling his curiosity. Indeed, all the website is made of one single miniature page scrolling down all its way. Nevertheless, the navigation is still made easy by a fixed side menu, letting the reader to go up and down as well as blowing up the pointed section.
A field behind the menu allowing a long picture is left to be filled up by the members of the band, following their mood or a current event.

Designed for : Sharko


Silent 5 a.m.

Echoes of the world

Educate Your Custome

Bacon Caravan Creek

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