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La Parti

[commission - 2009]

[A5 & A4 leaflet - B&W on Munken print paper / Glossy stickers]


We accomplished an identity system for a film producer, La Parti.
The production of a film can take a long time, sometimes several years. A series of leaflet for each film were produced, on this leaflet people from La Parti can put a choice of stickers to say in which state of production is the film: scenario, development, financing, …or where it's not yet but still with fun !

We accomplished the website according to the same sticker principle : www.laparti.be
The team can choose the type of sticker on every film with the help of their private Content Management System.

La Parti produced or co-produced "C'est arrivé près de chez vous" (belgian cult film "Man bites Dog"), "Les Carnets de Mr Manhattan", "Aaltra", "Panique au village", "Peur(s) du noir", …
They developed a method of alternative production.

Designed for : La Parti
Web developer : Bien à vous


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