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Théâtre made in Wallonie-Bruxelles

[commission - 2008]

[embossed & cutted slipcase - offset printing - serigraphy - 500 copies]


First volume of a collection, this DVD slipcase contains six extracts of shows intended to promote  the exportation of the Belgian Theatre. This DVD contains introducing extracts of shows, so just a part of the show's photos can be seen from the white cover.

Six shows, six shapes, six sides.

Six booklets, one for each show, compose the contents of the slipcase. Booklets can be lined up in a different order and therefore create a new cover.

We have also created a tapestry with silhouettes of each show to cover the inside of the box and the back of the booklets.

Designed for : Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre


Singularité Décapant

Entre vues 2010 20

Les Belges

Border Stage

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