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Ink magazine

[publication - 2008]


These are ours contributions to Ink Magazine about system fonts.

Since the appearance and the accessibility of the personal computer, each one can enjoy a panel of typographies incorporated in his operating system. We wanted to make a assimilation between these "standard" typographies and the panel of dishes and sauces you can find at a fritkot. A fritkot is a popular eating place in Belgium where you will find simple food as fries or deep fried meat. Computers have now become as popular as these places, of course we're not talking about eating but how everyone are using them.
The title "Chez Antoine" came from the name of the most popular and famous fritkot in Brussels.

Our second contribution is based on the use of a standard material: the Lego. The pupils of a class all received the same number of shapes. They put them together and they gave a name to their building. To summarize, this is not the starting material which is important but the result and the creativity.

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