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Inventaire du Patrimoine Architectural

[commission - 2008]


This tool counts and documents the built Heritage of Brussels. This fantasitic and vast material is now then classified so its knowledge can be promoted and preserved. It is intended to the researchers, the actors of the Heritage and any person interested in architecture and the Brussels' town planning.

To carry out the design of this website, we started from their basic material: not less than 6000 photographs of buildings. This  basic material is put forward by constituing the design of the website as a system of strip on the top of the screen which makes it possible to go up or down the streets of Brussels.
A way of emphasizing their enormous database.

Visit the website www.irismonument.be

Designed for : Région de Bruxelles-Capitale
Graphic designer : Kidnap Your Designer
Web developer : Bien à vous


Beckmann N'Thépé

Methods plan

Prescriptions Urbani

VS-A — Website

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