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BULB Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial 2016

[commission - 2016]

[guidelines digital communication]


BULB, the Brussels Urban Landscape Biennial, is a new label gathering several events around the urban landscape thematic. Aimed mostly towards professionals working around this topic (Architects, urban planners, politicians, ) , we created a double logo highlighting the acronym of the name as well as the perspective implied by landscape with the repetition of the full name in the first short version and the acronym in the fully written version. 

For the first edition we chose to draw an endless crane on a bright green background provocatively suggesting the debate between ever growing construction and necessary green spaces in urban environments.


Wallonie-Bruxelles A

Beau Architects

AUXAU Architecture S

AUXAU Poster

tags graphic design belgian belgium typography brussels black & white architecture identity logotype conditional design

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