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AUXAU Poster

[commission - 2016]

[A2 poster offset printed - 2 faces - handmade folding - 150 copies]


Following the release of the new visual identity we created for AUXAU, an architecture studio based in Brussels, we developed this printed annual folded poster with an annual round-up of their achievements. On one side, the poster is composed of all the abstract and figurative shapes related to architecture which we produced for their identity. These are laid-out up to the very edge to be eventually used as wallpaper. On the other side the identity system of the logotype can be seen  using the spaces above the foundation-like underscores to host the different projects of the year spread throughout the poster baseline sentence.

The folding of the poster is designed to frame the logo as well as to show a glint of the pictogram pattern printed the other side.

[A2 poster offset printed - 2 faces - handmade folding - 150 copies]


Inventaire du Patrim

Wallonie-Bruxelles A

AUXAU Architecture S

AUXAU Website

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