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AUXAU Architecture Studio

[commission - 2015]

[Black foil blocking - Grey cardboard - 3 x 500 copies]


The AUXAU architecture studio’s logo is inspired by the interplay between presence and voids, rather like a "fill in the blanks" text exercise.

This visual idea highlights the architectural approach of the team; each project aims to be as bonded as possible to what is to be found on location.

These existing contexts are represented by the horizontal bases between each letter. These foundation-like shapes create spaces above them which host one or more visual idea. These can be abstract, figurative or textual but always relate to the project concerned. This allows for the generation of multiple AUXAU logos.

Two versions of the logo's structure have been created; one shaped as a block and another in extended form. The choice is made depending on the document in which it is placed.


Wallonie-Bruxelles A

Beau Architects

AUXAU — Poster

BULB — Brussels Urba

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