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Exquo asbl - Va te faire

[commission - 2014]

[lenticular A3 poster / digital & screen printed / 100ex condom & lub packaging / 150.000ex A7 flyers / black offset print / gloss filming / 5.000ex tote bags / white screen print on black / 25ex t-shirts & tank tops / discharge on black / 30ex


An advertising campaign for an LGBT association about non-medicalised HIV tests. We came up with something strong, right to the point but with a little humorous wink, just enough to keep the idea in mind till the next time you go and get tested. "Go and f get tested"


In Between

Exquo asbl 2011

Cifas (suite) Pos

Exquo asbl 2016

tags graphic design offset belgian belgium brussels print black & white poster t-shirt experimentation paper all silk screen printing lgbtqi+ goodies

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