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In Between

[commission - 2012]

[Double binding - offset printing - Multidesign & Natural Evolution paper - 400 copies]


This book gathers productions such as beautiful photographs from Marie-Francoise Plissart and texts all coming out of a post graduate theatrical and perforative workshop led by Beatriz Preciado and Phia Menard. With themes as queer as transgender or History of feminism since Middle ages, this book had to relate that 'off the beaten tracks' position.  
Broaching two kinds of really different papers one spread after the other and opposing these by their thickness, roughtness and even sizes, the binding process makes this work as special as its content requires it.  
More, the long writings post-produced by the participants are layed out perpendiculary to the rest of the texts such as Phia's strong declamations but then split horizontally on the two types of pages. These are then physically hyperlinked to the conceptual notes produces by Beatriz. The typographical choice of Letter Gothic relate to archive processing which is one of the purpose of the book.

This awkward layout puts forward and illustrates the odd positioning of the participants jagged between facts and feelings.

Photos : Marie-Françoise Plissart
Designed for : Cifas (suite …)


Cifas (suite…)

Cifas (suite…) — Non

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ExÆquo asbl 2016

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